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Holiday Kitchen-Turkey Time: Great Cooking App

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  1. DroidAppUser

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    Oct 28, 2010
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    Holiday Kitchen - Turkey Time is a great and easy to use cooking app. The app includes a video step by step video of how to make the perfect turkey and had a bonus video recipe of pumpkin pie.


    Usability - The app is so easy to use, it is a continuous video recipe no interuptions
    Content - Really enjoyed the recipe card at the end of the video and how easy they made the steps
    Quality - The quality of video was exceptional


    I wish the recipe cards were easier to read or downloadable

    I really liked the concept of this app so I searched again and I found another Holiday Kitchen App, it focuses on Christmas Cookies. The Christmas Cookies app is even better, it includes both sugar and gingerbread cookie video recipes.

    No mistakes with these cooking apps!


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