Home and Back Button Not Working After Root

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  1. Simbadog32

    Simbadog32 New Member

    Im new to Android and Rooting. After Rooting my At&T Samsung GalaxyS2 ICS
    my Home button has now become the back button and the search button no longer works. Help please!

  2. rehsa

    rehsa Member

    You probably put on a rom for the I9100 which is the intrenational version of Galaxy s2
    you need a rom for I777 which is the ATT version of Galaxy s2
  3. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Well-Known Member

    The issue is not the ROM as mentioned above, it's the Kernel.
    This Kernel has been modified to match the buttons of the AT&T i777

    flash it and all buttons will work again.


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