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  1. gonsol

    gonsol New Member

    Hi all,

    this morning when I wake up I realized that:

    - home button is not working
    - call button is not working unless you're into the contacts application (doesn't work from home page)
    - Astrid application has lost all of the TODO tasks.
    - It doesn't asks for the unlock graphical code!

    It lost all of its battery yesterday night while surfing on the browser.

    My phone is an HTC MAgic Vodafone, using Android 1.6

    Any ideas on how should i proceed? I soft reset the phone already.


  2. pmaugeri

    pmaugeri Member

    It's weird I had exactly the same issue a week ago but a reset solved the situation.

    More precisely I did a "SD card & phone storage / Factory data reset".
  3. gonsol

    gonsol New Member

    Yes Hard reset duda the job for me too
  4. gonsol

    gonsol New Member

    Here comes again. 8 months later same behavior. Now also Search button don't work...

    I'll try to post what I find... before hard resetting.

    Any help appreciated!
  5. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    If you bought it from Vodafone UK I would recommend sending it back for replacement or repair. If you got it out on contract the warranty on the phone is for the life of the contract plus you already have 1 years manufacturers warranty

    Hope this helps :)

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