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  1. andy1978

    andy1978 Member

    For the past couple of weeks I observe that my LG Optimus Net is doing an auto dial on most of the calls either incoming or outgoing just after the call ends. This is random but very irritating. Also the home button on my phone is not working. And recently observed that phone is not doing auto lock which was the feature I had earlier. Phone is not rooted.

    Kindly suggest me something that I can try. I took it to a cell phone repair shop and he asked for Rs 750 to fix the problem.

  2. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest you to go for it if you want your phone to function properly.
    I assume you've bought this phone at around Rs. 8000.

    Repair coast seems coastly but you can't do anything else for it :(

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