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  1. bswann

    bswann Active Member

    I re-flashed my rom ( Xionia) and now my home button and screen lock does not work. It was working fine before but now nothing. It works when I am in recovery. Any idea's?

  2. cdobrian

    cdobrian New Member

    Can't help you, but can at least affirm the same problem just now on my LG Optimus S (Sprint). It is accompanied by some other system software weirdnesses, so I'm pretty sure it's software and not hardware. Will post here if I learn anything more from online searching or customer service.
  3. Oyjord

    Oyjord Member

    Anyone come up with a solution for this? I'm starting to have the same problem.
  4. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Maybe you need to contact the dev of the ROM and let him know what yall are experiencing.
  5. NettyKinnz

    NettyKinnz New Member

    my home and back button on my phone stopped working. i haven't ever dropped my phone or dunked it in water. so why on earth is this happening. i get i can contact some one but they will just tell me i need to contact some one or buy a new phone...i didn't buy this phone just to go buy another new phone...stupid.
  6. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    You'll have to return the phone if it's still under warranty, unless you rooted/rommed then the warranty is void.
  7. pyrtwist

    pyrtwist Member

    That happened to mine this week. I went to settings, privacy and restored to default. Moved contacts to SD card first. Worked

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