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  1. Bones5406

    Bones5406 New Member

    I'm trying to get my home screen set to where it will ask me if I want the downloaded app or the lg home screen. I was just messing with it last week and accidentally tapped the use by default box on the selection screen after I pressed the home key. Can anybody help? Thanks for your time and good luck to all of you.


    HUMRLVR New Member

    Omg! I just accidentally chamged my home screen to a blank screen with no apps on it at all and do jot know how to chanfe it back to tje way it was before!!! Help!!!!
  3. Ryuinferno

    Ryuinferno Well-Known Member

    Go to settings->applications-> manage applications->all->search for lg home screen (or launcher)->go into ig and press clear defaults
  4. Ryuinferno

    Ryuinferno Well-Known Member

    Need more details about how is the problem...are you using stock launcher or other launchers?

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