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  1. aball0519

    aball0519 New Member

    Hey folks--

    Whenever my phone dies or if I turn it off and on, my home panel changes to two panels to the right (calc widget). I am using ice cream sandwich on an HTC sensation.

    I keep having to move each app/widget back over each time. I do only use 4 panels, so my home panel is typically off center and when I restart the phone it has 7 panels, three of which are blank. I wonder if this is related?

    I appreciate any assistance in resolving the issue.

  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    try resetting your home screen with all panels and centering you home screen
  3. zoltar

    zoltar New Member

    This was driving me nuts as well, so after moving everything around to get my home panel back about 20 times, I found and tested a quick fix, and it's a simple one...always leave one spot open on your home page for another app. Why it works, I don't know. But if you've noticed, when it moves your home panel, it always moves your existing home panel to the next panel to the right that has an open app spot available. And it seems to always do this after browser+ has used a large amount of resources, and you see the "loading" message when returning to the home panel. Hopefully this gets fixed (along with allowing browser plus users to see bookmarks as a list, and to manually sort / arrange them). So simply keeping at least one spot open on your home panel for another app should help.
  4. aball0519

    aball0519 New Member

    Many thanks, sirs. I'll try leaving a spot open on the home panel, but what a bummer. Let's go Android. Happened to me a lot on Gingerbread, too, so I don't see this getting fixed anytime soon.

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