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  1. hudsroid

    hudsroid Member

    Running GDE w/Obisidian with the Galaxy Rom, it's like a brand new phone!

  2. markanon

    markanon Active Member

    Anyone know a good place to start for getting the Galaxy ROM up and running on my behold 2? Even with all the taskillers, home screen optimization, and all the rest, I still find the behold to be unacceptably slow. It's just constantly getting in my way, waiting for lag, waiting for the typing to catch up, waiting waiting waiting.

    If I had paid for the phone I would be seriously pissed.

  3. hudsroid

    hudsroid Member

    There is a sticky dedicated to the galaxy rom on these forum boards, under Behold2.....
  4. vegastattooed

    vegastattooed Member

    Hey, i want to thank all for the tips on getting my behold going.
  5. culo77

    culo77 Well-Known Member

    Dont want to clutter up the behold forums so i shall hijack this thread:)

    i am looking for help with panda home, see here; http://androidforums.com/android-applications/40212-pandahome-widgets-help.html

    I had panda day three of the behold but went back to stock touch wiz, then i wanted more room for widgets (love my widgets) so i went back to the new panda for the extra home screens.

    can anyone help a brother out?
  6. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    I think I found the most interesting home replacement app thats just way different from anything else. Check out Slide Screen Slide Screen by Larva Labs
  7. hudsroid

    hudsroid Member

    I recently downloaded sweeter home 2 beta.. I have to say when this project is finished and there is a full release it maybe my favorite home screen. I have tried I think all of them GDE (fast/easy to use), dxTop(nice layouts, easy to customize), aHome (ok), Open Home (froze, was hard to figure out, not much going on), and slide screen (beautiful, needs more ability to customize by user).

    So far sweeter home is the best its sleek, and has lots of options. Takes some tinkering and reading to figure out, but worth it and once you get started its a breeze! Here are some screen shots of mine, I blacked out some private info (names). But anyway enjoy!
    [​IMG] Main Screen

    [​IMG] Main Screen System Widgets

    [​IMG] Main Screen Apps Tray

    [​IMG][/IMG] Main Screen SMS

    [​IMG] Left Screen

    [​IMG] Left Screen Social

    [​IMG] Left Screen Utilities & Games

    [​IMG] Right Screen

    [​IMG] Right Screen Calendar

    [​IMG] Top Screen

    [​IMG] Top Screen Music Widgets

    [​IMG] Bottom Screen

    [​IMG] Bottom Screen Contacts

    My background is my daughter, used PicSay Pro to edit it! Love that program, better than photocrap!
  8. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    I thought Sweeter Home only was supported on 1.6 and higher
  9. hudsroid

    hudsroid Member

  10. agar705

    agar705 New Member

    I just got my phone a week ago and am using project X. it horrible and i cant get rid of it. Can anyone help?
  11. Notahotshot

    Notahotshot Well-Known Member

    Try Astro from the Market. It is a file / app manager. It can back up all of your apps and has an uninstall option. If it won't uninstall the problem app then back up everything you want to keep, and do a factory reset. Then download Astro again and use it to install the apps you had backed up.
  12. Chocolateluva244

    Chocolateluva244 New Member

    I have a behold 2 & I have been wanting to put a new theme on my phone. I have seen a lot of people talk about ahome. I'm not sure what that is. Can anyone help me. Im looking for a theme like a few people have posted on here.
  13. Chocolateluva244

    Chocolateluva244 New Member


    I downloaded panda home.
    I have went to the market and downloaded some themes but its only the mail screen that changes. How do I get a theme that changes everything. [ contacts, messaging. ect]
  14. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    Try Open Home, you can download font & icon packs.
  15. culo77

    culo77 Well-Known Member

    In panda, some themes will change the icons some dont, you can download icon packs and then go to the theme you are using and long press then tap edit. from there you can change any icon to what ever icon picture in the icnon pack

    or you can get BetterCut i have no experience with bettercut but some like it.
  16. Chocolateluva244

    Chocolateluva244 New Member

    What do I have to do to get my contacts and sms pages to look like the theme
  17. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    You can't; at least not with GDE. Maybe different with the other home replacements, but I doubt it. I use aContact for contacts, and Handcent sms--solid free apps.
  18. marcelo_lopez

    marcelo_lopez Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried to use the Hero Theme with the pandaHome 1.9 beta ? I've run into two situations where I've had to Hard Reset my BH2 after setting it up and running it for a while. Things like the Data Indicator ( G / E / 3G ) start disappearing, and then if you turn off the phone and turn it back on, it gets stuck on the android screen. Very weird...curious if anyone else has run into this problem.
  19. Maklik14

    Maklik14 New Member

    can some please help me i have a behold 2 and i jus wanna change it from the origanal look to something way better but dont know how to or where to begin
  20. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

  21. Big Dog KMc

    Big Dog KMc Well-Known Member

    Just use ADW Launcher. Search the Market.
    you will need Android 1.6 to use this.
  22. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Ok guys, here it is, get the best out of your phone.

    First make sure you have the 1.6 update.
    To get it, press back on your browser, then go up to the "All things rooted" link

    Go there and look for the 1.6 OEM update.

    Install it, but be sure to follow instructions there. If you confused, ask questions there.

    Then once you have your update, go to the new market and get adw launcher, its the best!

    It has some really nice themes that you can search for the comes with all these icons, and styles.

    You can even make your phone look like samsung galaxy S.
  23. Craig W

    Craig W New Member

  24. Laron225

    Laron225 Active Member

    I can't find OpenHome or any of these in the market. I had to uninstall Panda Home because if kept crashing. I'm looking for a new one now, but can't find them in the market all I find is themes for them but not the actual app themselves.
  25. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    Search "ADW Launcher"

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