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Home screen and web browsing slow

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  1. KayHai

    KayHai Active Member

    I have cm7 mirage installed an my nook color and the swiping transitions on the homescreen is clunky and sluggish and almost hurts to deal with after being se used to my smooth samsung epic. This is also the case with web browsing but ive never had any trouble with games being to slow, so I think its a problem with the launcher. Help?

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Assuming it's the launcher like you say, do you have a widget that's not working right (using excessive cpu)?

    Do you have a widget that's high in battery use after a full charge and your NC has been idle? (settings... battery)

    You might remove any questionable widgets and see if that helps. You might also check for an update to your launcher in Play Store.

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