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  1. lunaray

    lunaray Member

    I have Auto Orientation checked but my Home Screens won't rotate to landscape mode! I tried Go Launcher and this worked, but the primary shortcuts at the bottom of the screen are kind of ugly (monotone) and it installed some Widgets with a bunch of asian symbols that I have no idea what they're for, so I'm not sure about whether it's safe and I uninstalled it.

    Any suggestions on how I can make the default launcher work right, or suggestions for a better launcher other than Go Launcher Ex?


  2. TheRealMcDroid

    TheRealMcDroid New Member

  3. fwuffypaws

    fwuffypaws New Member

    GO Launcher EX is completely safe :) it didnt install widgets, it was previewing them. you can remove them by long pressing it then dragging it to the trash thingy. its a pretty cool launcher, and you could download more themes of the Android Market

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