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home screen shows time in parisSupport

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  1. simon3030

    simon3030 New Member

    Hi, my wife's Desire C (O2) has just started to show the weather, date & time for Paris on the home screen, with the correct UK time in the top right hand corner.
    There doesn't seem to be a setting to change the 'default' home screen weather/time, unless I've missed it...if I go into the weather app, Paris is shown as 3/3, with our local area as 1/3, with a little 'map' type symbol by it - circle/cross, but this does not stay as the default when you go back to the home screen..
    Any help gratefully ..etc.


  2. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    Let me get this right, HTC clock top right correct to GMT
    But the weather APP is Paris

    Try this place your finger on the centre of the weather app and hold, after a few seconds a menu bar will open in the notifications area edit and remove. Slide finger to Edit and release
    Up should come a menu top of the list should be Current location
    Select this (locations should be turned on)
    or select your home town (use the add option to add if not already in menu)

    Hope this helps

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