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Home Screen Weather Widget Dissapeared

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  1. elharrison

    elharrison New Member

    Turned my phone on and the Weather Widget on the main screen is gone and when I try and add the HTC weather widget it says not enough space on the screen. Any ideas?

  2. nick325i

    nick325i Well-Known Member

    Press and hold where the widget is suppse to be on your home screen and see if it picks up. If it does drag the imaginary widget to the trash at the bottom. Then try and re-add.

    Otherwise if you are trying to add a widget that you don't have room for on the home screen it will tell you that.
  3. Puffy

    Puffy Well-Known Member

    Remove other things, then add or use another page.
  4. elharrison

    elharrison New Member

    Nothing has changed. How do I get the original weather widget which is half the screen on the main page. When I add the HTC weather widget it wants the entire screen.
  5. nick325i

    nick325i Well-Known Member

    When you go to add htc widget, use the over arrows to pick from the different styles.
  6. elharrison

    elharrison New Member

    Tried that. There are only 3 styles. The first one is the full screen one and the the next two are very small. I'm just looking for the original widget that came on the phone when first turned on.
  7. nick325i

    nick325i Well-Known Member

    Try the HTC clock widget that displays the weather under the time?

    That I believe is what you are thinking of...
  8. elharrison

    elharrison New Member

    Thanks that was it! Don't know why I thought it was a weather widget!

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