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  1. MoshTli0

    MoshTli0 New Member

    I have a Galaxy Ace 2 and for the last week I've noticed lag while swiping through my homescreens. I don't get lag only when I swipe between the first and the last homescreen. The funny thing is that when I use a live wallpaper all that lag is gone, but when it's a normal wallpaper I have lag?! Help!

  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Welcome to Android Forums. I moved your question for maximum exposure.

    ... Thom
  3. MoshTli0

    MoshTli0 New Member

    Two more things:
    1. It lags when I hold the finger while moving through the screen.
    2. Launchers like GO launcher and ADW stop the lag.
  4. triger

    triger Well-Known Member

    Did u place the photo frame!?
    F u do . Delete it
  5. MoshTli0

    MoshTli0 New Member

    Is this an app or something? Lol, I don't use these things. Normal homescreen, normal wallpaper, no modifications.

    P.S: I think jelly bean will fix this lag. x)

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