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Honda CR-V Handsfreelink to Galaxy S7 *ALWAYS* starts playing music from the phoneSupport

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  1. granitehead

    granitehead New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 27, 2014
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    I had no problems pairing the phone to my 2013 CR-V. The phone's version is G930VVRU4API3. What's annoying is that the first song on my phone *always* starts playing. I have to start Pandora or some other app to override this. Some additional weirdness is that NO music app shows as active when this occurs, so I can't just stop it... I don't know what app it is! Also, under bluetooth devices on the phone, "Call audio" and "Media audio" are both Off. Yet, both work fine when connected... media audio, just a little too fine.
    I do want media audio on (which it appears to be even though the setting is "Off"), but does anyone know how to shut off this helpful feature of automatically starting to play the same song every time I get in the car?


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