Honeycomb boots on the NI.

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    Even the CEO Rohan Shravan posted a congrats to their devs for porting honeycomb on the Adam. Very good news for Adamites. :D

    TS out
  4. xmr405o

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    I totally agree. This actually might be good news for Folio 100 and Vega owners too! I'm waiting for the GB release for the Adam. Hopefully NI has more pull with Nvidia so we can actually get real drivers for the gtablet.
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    It now seems that Rohit Rathi (Co-Founder & CTO of Notion Ink Design Labs) has made a very generous donation towards the bounty for the following items to make Honeycomb work on the Adam.

    All in $USD
    $240.00 for Video (accelerated graphics) working HDMI, Multi-touch / Touch Screen Accuracy
    $070.00 for WiFi: B/G (equal functionality to froyo roms)
    $060.00 for Camera (full resolution)
    $050.00 for 3G (data)
    $050.00 for Sound (speaker, headset, HDMI)
    $030.00 for Automount (sd-card)
    $500.00 Total

    For full info see this link.

    Now, I do not ever recall any CEO or Co-Founder of any company ever doing this. But knowing the dev community, they will be successful. And with the company co-founder offering financial incentive, i see this happening sooner than later.

    I wish them success.

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  7. xmr405o

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    That's crazy! Big ups to the CEO.
  8. twospirits

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    Well one down. lol They got the sd suto mounting working. Damn these guys are fast.


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