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  1. Ecniv

    Ecniv Member


    So silly question probably, but is ICS or honeycomb available for the 3d optimus (or due to be)...?

    I am assuming there is a reason why we don't just upgrade and need to wait for LG to play with it?

  2. HabsRule93

    HabsRule93 Member

    The LG Optimus 3D won't get Honeycomb (that was really made for tablets, I believe). Those in the States and some other areas in Europe got Gingerbread (2.3+), but here in Canada it appears we won't get that, but based on LG's announcement on 26 Dec on Facebook, we should all get ICS at some point. They will start in Europe, if I remember correctly. If you are into rooting, they should have ICS available long before LG and your carrier push out the official upgrade. From the LG announcement:

  3. Kentthegreet

    Kentthegreet Member

    What the..? Why can't LG release the Gingerbread first? and that's what they said on their ads. Where is it now? ICS release from LG in the future is I'm sure another lie. I'm not buying the LG devices/appliance again. I'm done with them.
  4. HabsRule93

    HabsRule93 Member

    They likely could, but I figure, like most things, it comes down to money. Rogers tends to get the phone manufacturer to heavily customize the ROM for its phones. LG isn't going to eat the cost of doing a special update just for Rogers (globally speaking, we are a pretty small market), and Rogers certainly won't do it twice in a year - I lived through that with the HTC Dream and Magic - so we have to wait for ICS sometime late in the year.

    Of course, rooting to 4.0 will be an option much sooner than that, but some people are reluctant to root, or can't because it voids their warranty or terms of service - the carriers don't like it, and generally won't support rooted phones.

    In a word, sucks.

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