Honeycomb on the flytouch 3 ?General

  1. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    ok so the tim custom roms are fine but does anyone know if the honeycomb rom which is specifically for tablets not just a phone rom modified for tablets is available or built for our flytouch 3 yet?

  2. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    If you will check in apad.tv you will see there is a competition about its creation. Afar from that no news of it for now. The question though I would have is: Would Honeycomb be as sweet as it sounds? It would not excite me at all if updating to that would make my facepad slower in any kind of aspect. Aw well then again I do not know much about Android.
  3. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    ive been tracking that trend over there myself just its been ages since that comp started assumed someone probably would have made one by now. like you its easy to comment on stuff ha. the whizz kids over at xda i hope will have something soon. just surprised its taking so long is all.
  4. giubari

    giubari Well-Known Member

    Forget it. Let's get back to the earth and try to do our little steps. (Full Source).

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