Hooking up my phone without Aux Port?

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  1. jpcamden

    jpcamden New Member

    Hey guys, I just bought a truck from a friend of mine and there's no auxiliary port. I've tried burning CDs from iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc but my cd player just spits them back out. I have other burned cds that work but that's besides the point I guess.

    I have an LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile and I want to plug it in somehow so I can just play music from it. I don't have a cassette player and I heard the FM modulators make the quality really bad. Is there another option at all?

    I have cigarette lighter ports and that's about it..
    Thanks for reading and any help.

  2. AVSkillet

    AVSkillet Well-Known Member

    So no cassette, and no aux port. Yep, I think you're pretty much out of options unless you install a new head unit. Unless you put a boom box in the passenger seat.

    I know you're probably not fond of FM modulators, so forgive me for bringing this us. I'm just not sure if you're aware of the newer Bluetooth-FM modulators. I just bought one, because like you, I have a car with no cassette player and a crappy CD player at that. So when I saw this bluetooth-FM transmitter, I thought just maybe it was perfect for me.

    It basically connects to your phone via the bluetooth, and then it retransmits it via FM radio to whatever station you'd like it to be, so you can play it over your stereo speakers. It will also play your phone call over the speakers if you get a call, while the unit acts as the microphone. Just throwing that out there.
  3. jpcamden

    jpcamden New Member

    It's not that I'm not fond of them, it's just that while trying to find a fix for this issue, I came across a bunch of topics and they always said that the FM things made it crappy.

    I wish my damn CDs would just work. No idea what's going on with that. I already bought the music, I don't feel like buying a real CD too just to listen to it. Anyway, any tips on the bluetooth things to look into? Are they super expensive?

    Found this one for $25..
  4. kct1975

    kct1975 Well-Known Member

    I know that this has nothing to do with Androids, but I think I may know your problem with the CDs you have burned.

    Most of the modern CD Burning software is defaulted to burn music files as MP3 files AAC files, WMA files, etc. The reason is that most newer CD players have the ability to decode MP3, AAC, and WMA files. It sounds to me like you have an older CD player that only reads CD music (CDA: CD Audio).
    I only know, because I had the same issue when I first started burning audio CDs.

    If I am right about your situation, what you need to do, when burning an audio CD from your computer, is to go into the setting and make sure you set the software program to burn an audio CD. I would try to give steps, but different CD burning programs have different ways to set the options.

    One suggestion, however, that might make the procedures easier is to find a dedicated CD Burning software program such as Roxio CD burning. You can find a free version here at CNET or a paid version.

    Hope my suggestions help. :cool:
  5. AVSkillet

    AVSkillet Well-Known Member

  6. scythefwd

    scythefwd Well-Known Member

    What format are you burning the CD in? Place it in your computer and browse the disk.. is it a bunch of MP3 /aac files, or is it more like one of your CD-audio cd's with just track numbers listed?
  7. silent66

    silent66 New Member


    What year and make of truck do you have, and what type of radio is installed?
  8. scythefwd

    scythefwd Well-Known Member

    try setting your radio onto aux. Most radios use the same button to switch between cd and aux.. may have to hit it more than once.

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