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  1. Vic321

    Vic321 Member

    I was offered a exchange from a behold 2 to a cliq xt from t mobile:confused:. what do you guys think?

  2. cisquo1

    cisquo1 New Member

    From what I have read the Behold 2 runs Android 1.5 and will NOT be upgraded. The cliq xt at least has and update to 2.1 at some point in the future. It was promised at the end of June but it hasn't come yet.

    Of the two I would say the cliq xt is a better choice because of its pending upgrade.
  3. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Did you make the switch yet? I picked up the Quench (non-US version of Cliq XT), although it runs 1.5 it's supposed to be getting the 2.1 update soon (it's listed as pending in the updates list), the unit is actually nice and I like the trackpad.
  4. Vic321

    Vic321 Member

    I just got the Vibrant WOW!! I am impressed
  5. dachillefx

    dachillefx Active Member

    I gotta tell you I love my XT. I received the XT in replace of what would have been my 5th Samskum BH2. The only things the BH2 has over the XT are the video player,3.2 as to 3.1 screen display of course the beautiful AMOLED. I miss that and sound quality much louder and crisp for the BH2. The XT is far more superior in every other way. Oh yeah 2.1 coming while the BH2 has a sloppy 1.6 OS.
  6. meecuhh

    meecuhh New Member

    the Vibrant is amazing! my sister got one and i regret not waiting 2months longer before i switched to Cliq XT. you did the right thing. ill switch my xt to a Vibrant anytime!
  7. phrozenthedruid

    phrozenthedruid New Member

    Get a nexus!
  8. digir0gue

    digir0gue New Member

    Take the XT and don't look back. Dev's have given up on 2.1 ROMS for the behold 2 plus there will be no OTA update.

    Behold 2 is trash and I went through 4 of them in 5 months. The cliq while running on 1.5 is still better in my opinion. It has also been rooted recently and devs are working on 2.1 roms as we speak.

    Again... Take the Cliq XT and don't turn back.

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