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  1. Solkrieg

    Solkrieg Member

    Okay firstly I am using the wifi version of the Le Pan TC970.

    • I have a bunch of thing I just want to mass move onto the micro SD (videos) so I do so, and I come back about an hour and a half and it finishes, the files say they are there and what not. I remove the converter and plug it into my Le Pan, it finds one group of videos no problem, however it cannot play them (I know they can, because I wanted to make sure the format/condec was correct so I moved one video to try to play it, and it did play) the second group of videos weren't even registered. I go back and check the Mico SD on my computer, the second group of videos is NOWHERE to be found, however the space is still registered as missing. So I am forced to reformat my card.
    • I am unsure if I just don't have the drivers, but I am really sick of constantly removing my SD card and putting it into a converter, etc, etc. I cannot seem to get USB mass storage to work on my computer. I've searched everwhere for the drivers, but cannot find them.

  2. Solkrieg

    Solkrieg Member

    UPDATE: I fixed the USB problem. I suppose 39584th time's the charm.
  3. Solkrieg

    Solkrieg Member

    UPDATE: Well I've determined that it was a faulty card. It was an ADATA 32Gb class 4.
  4. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    Sorry your SD card was bad but congratulations for finding the problem and letting us know you fixed it. Trouble shooting technical problems like this are often difficult to find.

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