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  1. Ievgeniia87

    Ievgeniia87 New Member


    I bought an LG Optimus Black P970 about a month ago. And in the past couple of days it started draining the battery really bad. It was pretty much full charged when I went to sleep, woke up in the morning and it was at 30%. Couple of texts take about 20% every time.
    The battery use shows 50% - Mobile Standby, 49% - Phone idle, 2% - Diplay. I've also checked time without signal - 0%, so it can't be it. I don't have a data plan, so don't use 3G. I tried turning off Wi-fi and background data - didn't help. Any ideas? It drived me crazy - what is using up the battery overnight?? I don't really have any apps on it either. Please help!
    PS It's not rooted.

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    Your battery is not working properly.

    You may want to try to revive it.
  3. Ewanmohsen

    Ewanmohsen New Member

    I have the same problem :( ... I sleep and wake up look at my phone see battery less than 80 or 70 % an, I left it 100% fully charged .. I'm really surprised from tht I didn't use the phone never an, the battery don't live long time whyyy ?! And I asked the reapair mobiles here in Egypt them told me it was from software and we fixed it by updating ur software I said ok tht's good an battery will never less he said yeah for sure ... An, still have the problem ohhhh :(
  4. anranga

    anranga Member

    I bought my LG p370 (optimus black) a year ago & immediately realized that the battery was bad. I have since keep WiFi, 2g/3g switched off when not in use. ANother thing that takes battery a lot is the GPS, finally I have also reduced the brightness & set the screen lock time to 30 secs.

    What helped the most was installing JuiceDefender, Try & let me know.
  5. UniversalSS

    UniversalSS New Member

    The battery is not that bad if you use a custom ROM.I was using a ROM(will not disclose the name)I left it overnight and it was 99%:D

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