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Horrible upload restrictions, whos doing it? /My rant

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  1. infiniter

    infiniter New Member

    I don't know exactly who is at fault in this situation, but I am trying to find out.

    I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S Pro, and come to find that the maximum file size limit for uploading over 3g is 3mb. Ok, who the f**k in their right mind thought this of being a great idea, obviously not a consumer. Ok, that's not even the worst part, it tells you to upload via wifi for files larger than 3mb. Ok, so I am ready to upload that 200mb 720p video to Youtube over wifi. Wait....what is that - it doesn't work? Even over wifi, this phone(and I am assuming all other Android phones) apparently have some sort of file upload restriction, EVEN OVER WIFI, that I think is 128mb. At first I thought, maybe its a Youtube upload file size max for mobile uploads only considering as the file upload limit on Youtube is clearly stated as 2gb. So then, I try many file hosting sites that provide unlimited file sizes, and those too, also give a maximum file size upload error.

    So, let me get this straight, these great Android phones can take awesome 720p quality videos, but you cannot upload over 3mb over 3g(what the hell can you even upload in this siutation....nothing? Maybe a 640 x 480 resolution picture of my ass?). And then, when ANYTHING over wifi should be completely unlimited, and work just like a PC, uploads are still limited at a disgustingly low 128mb or so. So with that limit in mind, you cant even upload around greater than a 1 min, 30 second 720p video. Really, this is just pitiful.

    At this point, I am assuming the file upload restrictions would have to be in Android, because why would a carrier care how big file sizes would be over wifi?

    I have seen other people complain of this problem all over the web, but they somehow seem to be accepting it? Really? A brand new powerful smartphone that essentially can't do anything it's meant to do unless you transfer the files to a computer, completely defeating the purpose of the phone.

    Regarding the file size limits for both 3g and wifi, it is just plain ridiculous. So ATT has two meager data plans at 200mb and 2gb, and you can't even use the bandwidth you paid for to upload what you want, whether it be a 2gb file in one sitting, or whatever. And regarding wifi, how is it even feasible to have any sort of limitations in place.

    All I know is that wherever these limitations are coming from, they need to be removed immediately, or I am sure that I, and many others, are returning these pieces of shit.

    If nothing is going to be done, while we are at it, why don't we just bend over and prepare for insertion.

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  2. Simple solution: connect phone to pc, transfer video to pc, upload from pc.

    Calm down, it will be ok.
  3. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Assuming makes an ass out of you and me. I have no upload limitations on my Eris, even back when it was stock. I'm thinking AT&T crippled the functionality on your phone. Or your having connectivity issues. But since its affecting wifi, its probably something with the phone's software.
  4. infiniter

    infiniter New Member

    I was googling and people are having the same issue with other phones and different carriers. So, there has to be something going on. I wasn't necessarily trying to jump to conclusions, I just want to figure out the damn problem. And as for the previous poster, yea....I really want to hook up my smartphone to my damn PC everytime I want to upload something, thank you for that solid piece of advice.
  5. infiniter

    infiniter New Member

    Maybe can I get this cross-posted to the Samsung Captivate forum or Captivate Troubleshooting subforum if it will be more relevant there?
  6. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Umm, how often do you need to upload 200 mb files? It's your phone not connected to your pc at some point during the day?
  7. infiniter

    infiniter New Member

    Can this be moved to Samsung Captivate or Captivate troubleshooting subforum, as I don't think anyone ever checks this forum. I am shocked that everyone is just brushing this off as a minor thing. This whole situation alone should call for everyone to stop using the Captivate.
  8. junebogey

    junebogey Well-Known Member

    y would someone even say connect it to the computer hes right its a smartphone and shouldnt have no limitations if so a much larger 1 im going to try on my evo over 3g wifi and 4g
  9. niggling23

    niggling23 New Member

    Hey infiniter,

    I can feel your frustration. I'm with you here, this is ludicrous. There should be no file restriction on uploads, especially on a device that's off grid, and can record 720p. Youtube's max file size is 2GB, I have ATT DSL and there is no bandwith cap, so file size not an issue there, one Samsung rep said 90MB was the file cap, I talked to another that escalated me to a tier 3 rep. This is ridiculous that no one knows the answer here.

    As for why people aren't posting, I just don't think people are creating large file types, and then uploading them from the phone.

    I'm on the phone with the T3 rep now... According to all Samsung reps the file limit is coming from the network. Even if you're on wireless it's the carrier. From talking to the rep, and some friends it looks like Sprint is the only carrier that truly unilimits its users as far as bandwith, file size etc. So the next step is to get an ATT rep on the line and grill them.

    Again, I totally agree with you. If you're off network you should have the similar capabilities to you computer, with the rate limiting step being your hardware/software. WTF would ATT throttle this?

    I'll post again after I talk to them. The longer I have this phone and ATT the more I want to switch to sprint.

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