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    Dec 10, 2010
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    So My girlfriend and I just both extended our Tmobile contracts for another 2 years. She decided to go with the Charm while I picked the Defy. Having two motorolas with the same operating system / charger / etc would be a good thing I had hoped. While I have yet to have a single problem with my Defy, she is already on her 2nd Charm and it is about done as well.

    First, the touch screen is horrible. some days it works fine, other times it freezes or lags VERY bad (even with limited apps running, post-advanced task killer). In addition, the reception is TERRIBLE on this phone, even in areas I have great service on the Defy, the Charm is fighting to make calls and texts. Furthermore, we both download some of the same apps (barcode scanner, yelp, among others) but they fail to even work on her phone, while they work flawlessly on mine. We are both huge hockey fans and my phone runs NHL Gamecenter, but on her phone the same app isnt even in the Market when accessed from the Charm.

    Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the keyboard is awful. Even on the second phone, which is only about 2 weeks old, buttons fall off daily. Since each button is seperate (poor design) once one falls off, they continue to do so without much force. COME ON MOTOROLA!

    so I was thinking of my options, and since I just signed 2 years, im almost ready to end the contract and get a better FREE phone elsewhere.


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