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  1. geekstergirl

    geekstergirl Member

    Daughter's phone got the ICS update today and is now hot to the touch, anyone else have that issue? Hoping it's just working extra hard to update everything.

  2. freshbasil

    freshbasil Active Member

    Mine was a bit warm at first and actually quite sluggish, but is fine now.
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  3. geekstergirl

    geekstergirl Member

    Whew! Youngest has a Nexus as well, but upgrade hasn't hit it yet, so was not sure of what to expect. Thanks for the info. =)
  4. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    If the phone has been running for a while after the update has finished turn it off and pull the battery for a few minutes there may be an app that is not optimized for ICS. If it happens again start taking apps off the phone to see if you can narrow it down. Also you can look at the battery usage and see if there something running a lot taking a lot of battery that is a good indicator that it is using a lot of CPU and creating the heat.
  5. hadtojointopost

    hadtojointopost New Member

    Mine is getting very warm as well. Near the top of the phone below the speaker. any one else have this problem? Seems to get warm very fast less than 2 to 3 minutes of hard use like video or a game. I also notice the battery is running down very quickly during hard usage.
  6. amizle

    amizle Member

    I had this problem too but I just took the battery out for like 5 minutes, turned it back on, and updated all the apps and now it's been working great
  7. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    The new kernel if I recall correctly is generally the cause of this, and like I had mentioned earlier and amizle said pulling the batter and getting everything cleared power wise can help a lot. I am not sure if they turned the clock up with the new kernel or not but from what I seen it does sound like they might have added a few extra cycles somewhere.

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