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Hotmail FOLDER SyncSupport

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  1. tackaberry

    tackaberry Member

    I am looking to sync my hotmail account with my Droid X. I currently get all of my hotmail email that comes to my Inbox, but not to my specialized folders. To specify, I have folders for emails from my university, emails I send to myself, etc. I only get the generic emails that I do not filter to a folder.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this or any app to help? I pretty much get my junk mail, but not my useful mail.

  2. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

  3. tackaberry

    tackaberry Member

    I hadn't, but I have now tried it and unfortunately it does not seem to notifying me of my foldered/sorted email still.
  4. Civvy666

    Civvy666 New Member

    I posted this somewhere else but thought it could help here also.

    If you want to get you Hotmail emails to sync (Including ALL Folders) then you need to use a program called:

    Exchange for Andriod 2.x (only available on andriod 2.X and over)

    (I have tried many other programs but have found none that work, the reason is that they use pop3 and not the activsync protocol)

    Now this program is free for 30 days but then you do have to pay for the full licence. So it depends on how much you want to be able to sync to your folders, for me this was a no brainer and I bought the product.

    Once its installed use these settings:

    Server: m.hotmail.com
    Username: your email eg. joeblogs@hotmail.com
    Domain: leave this blank
    SSL: Enable this/use always
    Certificate: SSL

    At first it will sync your contacts and inbox only but goto the settings and somewhere in there will be a setting where it asks what folders to sync to.
    All you have to do is enable all the folders. (dont forget to save your settings, option is at the bottom of the page)

    Resync the app and hey presto.

    Hope that helps:cool:

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