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  1. rshmn

    rshmn New Member

    :confused: Hi everyone,

    Sorry this should be moved to USA S3...

    The past few days, I've all of a sudden been getting notifications of the junk e-mail folder from Hotmail (or Outlook as it's called now I guess). I have double checked the 'Junk' folder and it is set to Manual download of e-mails, however, e-mails continually keep getting pushed, and I keep getting notified of Junk e-mails. It's quite frustrating!

    Any idea what happened...the S3 seems to be setup right and I haven't changed anything...did Hotmail change something that isn't working right with the e-mail app?

    Thanks for any help!!


  2. rshmn

    rshmn New Member

    Anyone have any ideas?

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