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  1. Adzie91

    Adzie91 New Member

    Hey everyone, I've got my DEXT recieving emails fine. However, I can't send any via my hotmail on my phone.

    I've got all the correct setting, but for some reason it just won't let me send them at all.

    Can someone please help.

    Motorola DEXT
    Orange UK



  2. Xman

    Xman Member

    I had problems trying to send out email via my ISP (RoadRunner, in the States) and found out that they don't relay SMTP due to spammers, etc. So probably the case with your ISP.

    I have T-mobile and setup my email account (relaying) through them and can now send out email via my ISP. Never had problems receiving email (POP), just sending but this worked.

    You may have to check with Orange UK. Hope this helps!

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