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  1. ZiyaEmre

    ZiyaEmre New Member

    Hi all

    I am using the default mail application on Samsung S3 to manage my emails.

    I set up my 2 gmail accounts to sync once in an hour to save some battery life.

    I set up my hotmail account the same way, once in an hour in both peak and not peak hours. However, hotmail seems to check the mail all the time. I sent a test email from my gmail to hotmail account and received it on my phone right away.

    Does this mean that hotmail is connected to the server all the time to check emails? If so how badly this effects my battery life? anyone knows how to change this setting?

    Thanks for the help guys


  2. jhoops21

    jhoops21 New Member

    I only use a gmail and have it syncing all the time. Yes it effects your battery but I don't believe it does too much. Just Always be sure to close all applications when you're done by bolding the the home button. Other then that I think you're good to have it sync often.

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