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  1. bryanlee81

    bryanlee81 Member

    I've successfully set up the hotmail and it's being pushed to my Inc just fine.

    The problem is, the message that I read on my Inc are not mark as read when I check my emails on my desktop.

    So when I log on every few days on the desktop, there are hundreds of emails that I have to mark as read AGAIN.

    Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

  2. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Once in your mail program click MENU then go to MORE then go into SETTINGS. In there are different options as to when, how long it will poll. I set mine to TODAYS and it only polls the messages I get for that day. There are other options as well take a gander. :)
  3. HTCincredible1

    HTCincredible1 New Member

    I am having the same problem as bryanlee. Using the HTC Incredibles stock email client I have both my hotmail and my work email (POP3 thru GoDaddy) sync but when I view or delete messages on my mobile when I check on my laptop the messages are untouched. I refresh after reading or deleting. Also under settings "delete on server" is also "on" tried it with "off" and nothing changed. Please help. Thanks!
  4. cdodge

    cdodge Well-Known Member

    This is normal and a limitation of POP3 e-mail.. Unfortunatley :(

    When your dinc syncs it really isnt syncing it is just pulling a copy of the e-mail down to the phone. Atleast with the dinc it will delete the e-mail form the server when you delete it off of the dinc. The droid wasnt even able to do that even thtough the option existed
  5. HTCincredible1

    HTCincredible1 New Member

    This is dissapointing! I just upgraded from a 2 plus year old Helio Ocean.....I know....but that thing had no problem marking my messages I read on my device and also showing them as read when I logged into hotmail on my laptop.

    Btw, even though I select "delete on server" "on" it still does not achive this...unless it takes 2 + hours.?

    Is there anyway around this?
  6. cdodge

    cdodge Well-Known Member

    hmm, mine deletes pretty quickly from the server. I think it even does a sync/refresh once you click delete. If not try deleteing them and then click the menu button and then the sync/refresh button. It might be called sync/refresh, I cant remember the exact name for it.
  7. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    When I choose "delete on server" for my hotmail account it does it almost instantly. Isn't it Incredible how many different experiences people have doing the same things on this phone! lol
  8. jasoraso

    jasoraso Well-Known Member

    Is your setup using the hotmail pop server?
  9. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    Try setting the account up manually. Here are the settings:

    • Incoming Server:
    • Incoming Port: 995
    • SSL Encryption: yes
    • Outgoing Server:
    • Outgoing port: 25 (use port 587 if the default port is not working)
    • Authentication: yes
    • TLS Or SSL: yes
  10. HTCincredible1

    HTCincredible1 New Member

    Weird. Now the deletes are working and it does happen pretty instantaneously. Now if I could only get my messages to be marked as read when I read them on my mobile I would be set. Any more recommendations?
  11. cdodge

    cdodge Well-Known Member

    I dont think there is a way to get that to work with POP3 but if you find one let me know because i would love to be able to do that to.
  12. how are you pushing hotmail to the phone? i thought hotmail had to be pulled from the phone.
  13. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    I don't think POP3 supports mark as read. I know IMAP does, but not POP3 as I'm aware of.
  14. HankStorm

    HankStorm Member

    I have an issue with Hotmail syncing that I don't think I've seen addressed in the various threads on the topic. If I read and delete a message in Hotmail through the browser on my computer, the next time I sync mail on the phone it brings in those same deleted messages. Anyone know of a way to prevent that from happening?
  15. Hilly

    Hilly Active Member

    Since Hotmail currently uses POP it is very limited and honestly sucks..... The good news is that WindowsLive wave 4 update is supposed to enable Exchange Activesync support so when that hits in June/July Hotmail will be able to sync properly.

    What's new in Hotmail | Windows Live Reviewer's Guide
  16. JF-08

    JF-08 Member

    It's amazing for how much Microsoft dominates most of the computing world, their hotmail really does suck.
  17. Piercing Heavens

    Piercing Heavens Well-Known Member

    You can not delete emails if you are using Hotmail due to POP3 limitations.

    I ended up using gmail and through Gmail I'm forwarding all my email to my gmail account. THrough Gmail I can delete and get the email pushed as well.

    If you want to stick to only Hotmail the app K-9 works well.
  18. bmo21

    bmo21 Active Member

    I was having the same issue and it bothered me enough that I just forwarded all my hotmail to my newly created gmail account, now everything works great I can send and reply to mail as if it was hotmail. I also like how now my calender syncs as well.
  19. cman8882

    cman8882 Member

    If people don't want to forward they're hotmail, download the MailDroid Application. I have it for hotmail and it works much better than the stock client on the Incredible. The only problem is that you cannot folders outside your inbox and sent messages,,,,this is a limitation of POP3, not the application itself. I've been very happy with MailDroid thus far (1 week).
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  20. joelangley

    joelangley Member

    Thanks cman, I sure hope it is still working well for you. I just uploaded a new version to do with a bunch of fixes.
  21. Smoked

    Smoked Well-Known Member

    Hello. Hate to drag up an old thread... but there was a question un-answered that's exactly the situation I'm having. Hotmail that is deleted on my pc browser still appears in the inbox of the phone client.

    Is this a pop email account limitation or would an app like Maildroid or K9 resolve this?'s acutally for my wife's LG Shine Plus but I'm sensing this is not a handset related issue.

  22. Smoked

    Smoked Well-Known Member

    No one? :(
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  23. jabits

    jabits New Member

    I'm having the same issue as Smoked. I read/clean things up online via browser, and the droid does not fetch the new message state.

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