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  1. Pulsa1000

    Pulsa1000 New Member

    I am using my Galaxy Mini as a portable hotspot.
    Everything is ok when I leave the AP stting to "Open" but when I try to configure it for WPA2 PSK it asks for me to enter a network key.
    I have a pci network card installed on my pc, what do I need to do please?
    TIA Tom.

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    Use WPA2 security if you want to keep strangers away from your hotspot.

    In your phone:
    1. Set up a network name (I guess It's already done)
    2. Choose a password (anything you want)

    On your computer
    1. Connect to the network whose name you set earlier
    2. When prompted for a password enter the password you set earlier

    It should work, don't hesitate to request assistance if it still doesn't
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  3. Pulsa1000

    Pulsa1000 New Member

    Thanks kadimi,
    I've been on this all day and from what i can tell is my wireless card in the pc is old and will only accept WEP, it seems the phone is stuck with WPA2.
    Unless I manage to update the card it looks like I am unfortunately out of luck.:mad:
    Thanks for your advice.

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