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Support Hotspot stops working and turns itself off intermittently

  1. phonedude64

    phonedude64 Member

    Hi all,

    I have a Galaxy Note and have been experiencing hotspot problems for several months now. The issues are as follows:
    1) I will tap to turn on the hotspot and nothing happens. It may highlight the box that I tapped for a second, but then it will go away and the hotspot will not activate. This happens whether I use the Fattin Hotspot widget on my home screen or go into the menu and click the "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" option.
    2) When the hotspot does work, it sometimes disconnects itself--this may happen 2 seconds or 2 hours after enabling the hotspot. It most often turns itself off immediately, basically meaning that the hotspot doesn't work at all.

    Some observations and attempted solutions:
    -I uninstalled the widget, but that wasn't the issue
    -I've gone to areas with exceptionally strong signal, to no avail. I most often use the hotspot at my office, which is very near a cell tower.
    -I have unlimited data and there's no cap that shuts off my data.
    -There is no timeout or any other obvious setting that could make this happen.
    -I've called my provider (SK Telecom-I live in Korea and my note is branded as an SHV-E160S) and they put the blame on Samsung. Samsung doesn't offer English support for this product in Korea, so I reached a dead end.
    -Finally, the only thing that fixes this issue is restarting the phone altogether, a process that has become more than annoying when I have to restart the device 5+ times on some days.

    Any advice? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance!


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