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Hotspot wireless tethering on HTC inspire 4GSupport

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  1. Toga

    Toga New Member

    I have been able to use the hostspot function for free, without the need to root my phone. I wonder if anyone else has done it similarly.

    Basically i went to Settings/wireless and networks/mobile networks/APNs/.... Here hit menu again, and add new APN. i used the settings provided here.(from an xda forum)

    Name: AT&T
    APN: wap.cingular
    Proxy: leave blank
    Port: leave blank
    Server: leave blank
    MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com
    MMS Port: 80
    MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    Authentication Type: leave blank
    APN Type: leave blank

    Menu - Save, then select New APN (AT&T) You should see a green dot next to it, and it should be labeled under AT&T as wap.cingular. Go back to home screen and check internet connection is active. Once you verified internet is working, power off phone, then power on. Phone should still have active internet connection, if it does, you are done!

    This info is from XDA forums. the info is caps sensitive.
    Let me know if it works for you too.
    good luck.

  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

  3. Toga

    Toga New Member

    yes. no routing and no plan.
  4. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    yeah my point was this was already posted, feb 26th. should of typed that when i put the link but i was being lazy
  5. minichrt

    minichrt New Member

    This worked for me for a few weeks, does not work anymore. i double checked the settings and although they are still the same and still selected it will not work and the hotspot will just turn off and a popup telling me to call 611 to activate it comes up. Oh well it was nice while it lasted although I never really had the opportunity to use it. at least the phone is good enough to use for surfing rather than a laptop. Would like to know if anyone comes up with another work around.
  6. 4-n-zics

    4-n-zics New Member

    Same here. I'm looking into getting a Wifi only version of the Xoom or Galaxy Tab 10.1 soon and would like to be able to tether it to my Inspire when not around a Wifi hotspot.
  7. Soundchasr

    Soundchasr Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a method that still works without Rooting?

  8. jblaze5779

    jblaze5779 Well-Known Member

    I just found out about this today and tried it. Everything works fine for me.
  9. avdoubleu

    avdoubleu New Member

    So I just updated to gingerbread and now this isn't working for me. I use to use this everyday! It was my only source for internet.

    Anyone have an idea of what to do to make this work for gingerbread?
  10. Houdini_old

    Houdini_old New Member

    Yep I had the same results, havn't found a work around yet.
  11. Tyler M

    Tyler M New Member

    This worked really well for me until the update. Now it does not work at all. When it was working, occasionally I would have to restart phone after the hotspot was on and inactive for more than 10 minutes. It would pop up the 611 message. But a restart would solve that problem. Now it won't work at all. I hate to go to the trouble of rooting but Hotspot is a great feature. I am not paying AT&T extra for a service I already pay for!!!
  12. elyze123

    elyze123 New Member

  13. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    Att was supposed to send out warning texts/letters about tethering if they thought you were doing that with your phone. Either you didn't get a notice or you didn't take them serious.
  14. M.Ells

    M.Ells New Member

    I just tried this today for the first time and it seems to be working.... I'm just wondering if anyone else has be billed like elyze123 has... I'm not trying to get smacked.. anyone?
  15. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    I knew a few people that used it and never got billed. But they also don't go crazy with it and just use it occasionally to tether.
  16. M.Ells

    M.Ells New Member

    Thanks for the info... I appreciate it!
  17. xmaxterx

    xmaxterx New Member

    simply i turn on the wi fi hotspot, the appear a message, i click ok , later i turn on the airplane mode, then i turn off the airplane mode so i turn on again the wi fi hotspot and it keep turned on so it
  18. ttran222

    ttran222 New Member

    Go to Settings
    Wireless & networks
    Mobile network - disconnect
    Turn on the Portable Wifi hotspot
    Mobile network- reconnect

    Good luck!
  19. htcInsFan

    htcInsFan New Member

    Tried without any luck! I wonder is there any service that I can disable with the help of TitanumBackupPro?
  20. htcInsFan

    htcInsFan New Member

    Tried without any luck! I wonder is there any service that I can disable with the help of TitanumBackupPro?
  21. lucksp

    lucksp Member

    trying to use my Nexus 7 on wifi through my inspire hotspot. I also have "unlimited" data plan, but they wont allow me to use this hotspot feature. What a bunch of nonsense.

    Is there any other way to get this to work?


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