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  1. sam41309

    sam41309 Member

    hay guys :confused:can i use this phone(lg Optimus m+) as a hotspot??? im not rooted..

  2. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Rooted or not, this phone does not have infrastructure hotspot functionality built in (the old Optimus M did). The best you can do with any of the wifi tethering apps is to create an ad-hoc signal which will not be recognized by many devices.
    There might be a way to make it create an infrastructure access point but I haven't seen anyone post it yet, and if there is it would definitely require rooting.
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  3. sam41309

    sam41309 Member

    Damn that sucks...i was just using the foxfi hotspot app...hoping
    it will by pass it..or something. But all it does is just recongnizing
    other device but no internet...Limited access.thanks for da info..

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