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Hotspots Dropping While Using FoxFiSupport

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  1. Droidity

    Droidity Member

    Using Verizon, a Razr with ICS and FoxFi.

    Typically FoxFi works and wonderfully but with the new ICS update I'm finding that if FoxFi is somehow interrupted - a screen timeout, a mistaken app kill, or even without me doing anything - it won't reconnect at all and it'll read: Wifi mode has failed on your phone. Please use Bluetooth mode instead.

    That isn't exactly true since I'm able to create wifi hotspots. It is simply when the program is interrupted I can't create them afterwards (without a restart).

    I am running Juice Defender (which shouldn't be stopping FoxFi), I've also Ignored FoxFi on my auto-kill. The only thing I can think is that it is some weird ICS issue since this never happened prior to the recent ICS update.

    The reason I'm asking here and not the FoxFi forums at first is because I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is an ICS issue or a app-specific issue? Anyone know a solution to it? I'd really like to create hotspots without having to shell out the cash to Verizon for it (I pay them enough, damn it!)

    Anyone have a better hotspot creator?


  2. BillArf

    BillArf Well-Known Member

    Been using FoxFi since it was first offered. Use it with Razr Maxx. I have not seen the issue you are having now with ICS or in the past with GB. Sounds like you have another app steeping on FoxFi.

    Juice Defender, auto-kill ............. Why are you even fooling with / running those apps. They can cause more lets say headaches then they are worth.
  3. Filosophic1

    Filosophic1 Active Member

    Mine has been doing this as well. It seems like my data signal gets "stuck" and I have to go into Airplane Mode to unstick it. When I do this, that is when I get the message you get when trying to reconnect FoxFi. The only way for me to get FoxFi to work again is by rebooting my phone.
  4. Droidity

    Droidity Member

    Fooling with those apps? I would say there's a lot of Android users out there using Juice Defender and/or an auto-kill (I selected which I want to auto-kill and which to ignore, it doesn't kill indiscriminately) for battery reasons. I mean, it would be nice to own a Maxx but I don't. :)

    You are right in that one of those programs might still be the cause. I'll continue to look into the issue from that angle in hopes of resolving the situation though, to be fair, with both of those off fully. Auto-kills *can* be problematic. I know that - not JD if configured right - but auto-kills can still act up, manually killing is preferable. Atm, I run the "screen off" kill but I'll try messing with those settings too and post back if it works.

    I hear ya. :( Have you tried any other hotspot creation apps? Wondering if they produce the same results. Plus, do you use any auto-killers or battery saving apps? Maybe it is something we are using? *shrugs*
  5. Filosophic1

    Filosophic1 Active Member

    I'm not currently using any auto killer or battery saving apps. After I got my ICS update, I did a factory reset just to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. As far as I know, I'm not running any apps that I believe would or should interfere with FoxFi
  6. Droidity

    Droidity Member

    I was wrong it seems and you were right BillArf, it was in JD, the automatically handle Wi-fi feature which disables wifi connectivity after a few seconds if there's no activity. I still like JD though and think it does wonders on the Razr (non-Maxx), but I think disabling that one feature by setting JD to customized really fixed the issue.

    If I'm wrong and it acts up again even with everything disabled I'll repost. If not, seems like it may be fixed! :)

    Hope you find a cure Filo.
  7. sportsphotog

    sportsphotog New Member

    I disable JD before running FoxFi and have this problem. I'm running FoxFi on a Galaxy S3
  8. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    If you use the free version of FoxFi, there was an update awhile ago that made it so there's a time limit for using it. It will just stop working. You can start it back up though.

    It's the authors way of trying to get you to pay for it.

    If it's the paid version.. then I don't know what your issue is.
  9. sportsphotog

    sportsphotog New Member

    It's the paid version and since I paid for it, I expect it to work.

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