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How 2 play ps2 game on Nexus 7Tips

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  1. SubconNexus

    SubconNexus New Member

    I have a couple goodies that i need to play on my nexus 7: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Project Snowblind, Shadow of the Colossus etc...

    What are the steps I need to take in order to play any of these games?
    I am running stock on a brand new nexus 7.

    Looking forward to your responses!

  2. SubconNexus

    SubconNexus New Member

    I read something about emulators. Is that an app?
  3. oscar112709

    oscar112709 Well-Known Member

    I had those emulaters on my phone its tight but I only played ps1 and n64 games but man it was in the pain in the ass just to get the sound to work also had to download the game Tom's on the laptop file is to big
  4. Dude45

    Dude45 Active Member

    You'll have to forgive me
    But with all due respect, it's honestly quite painful seeing someone so uneducated about such a subject
    Time to educate, as I understand not everyone knows such things
    Incoming long paragraph
    Computers/game consoles, are machines, the only difference is that the mechanical pieces are much smaller (microscopic actually)
    It is for this reason that computers must be built on architectures, an architecture is just a name given to how the mechanical pieces are set up
    Generally, PC's use the X86 architecture, Mobile devices use ARM, and in recent trends, game consoles use PowerPC
    The PS2 uses an architecture called MIPS I believe.
    Now, say you wanted to run a program made for a PowerPC machine, on an X86 machine, you'd need something to translate PowerPC code into X86 code, that's where emulation comes in, unfortunately, emulating the PS2 on Android is not that simple, and although I firmly believe modern devices are more than capable, we simply don't have recources to develope such a thing at the moment
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  5. oscar112709

    oscar112709 Well-Known Member

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