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How can i access my files (pics, music, video)General

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  1. mikidutzadud

    mikidutzadud New Member

    Hi there! I've just bought a SE xperia x10 mini I have some questions. Please help me if you've got any idea!

    1. How can I access my files (pics, music, video) on the sd card - is there a folder, a shorcut I can go to?
    2. Where does the phone save the pics and videos?

    Thx a lot!!!:)

  2. superc

    superc New Member

    I use the ES File Explorer from the marketplace to do this, but for the music files particularly, just open the "Music Player" app and it automatically found all mine wherever they were on the SD card. Specifically, pics taken with the camera are saved in a folder called "DCIM" on the SD, and so are the video files.
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