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How can I acquire Telnet or Linda's file manager for root w/out the Data plan on G1?

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  1. PurpleZoe

    PurpleZoe Member

    Greetings *_^

    I've been searching for a while now and can't seem to find solution for my particular quandary. I purchased a used G1 phone. I have Tmobile but no data plan. The phone allowed me to add my google info, but because of no data plan I can't log into and configure market.

    I've seen tutorial's for JF's root files, and two others. They all seem to require logging into the marketplace to either get telnet, or a file manager.
    Is there a way around this? Tmobile is blocking the wifi signals the phone recognizes as open and tries to pick up, so I can't use wifi to access the market right now. I don't have a friend with a g1 who can lend me their card long enough to get what I need on the phone.

    Any suggestions where I can go from here?
    I'd love to use this root method: How To: Root the MyTouch 3G or G1 in One Click! | The Unlockr
    But I would still need a file manager. Is it possible to drag and drop Android apps onto the sd card from a regular pc (it really should be something we can do, for those who can't log into market).

    I should probably also mention that I run Ubuntu. I can do alot with it, but anything involving installing an .exe file probably isn't up my alley ( I don't run Virtualbox). I can download the images and etc and drag them to the sd without a problem though. Formatting sd to Fat32 isn't a problem either.

    Thx *_^


    I've learned here and here, that we can install programs without the market. I'm unsure I can do this well with Ubuntu, but will certainly try. I wonder now, will rooting still work, if I were to go with JF's root process for instance, and telnet and terminal emulator, are already installed before those steps come up?

    I thankyou you for any ideas, or know-how you might be able to extend.

  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    This is both confusing and intriguing. By the sounds of it, you have activated your G1, meaning you have logged in with your gmail account, or it was done before you purchased the phone. Am I correct? As far as tmo blocking wifi, that's a new one to me but who knows in this crazy world. Try pulling the SIM out and getting your wifi going?
  3. PurpleZoe

    PurpleZoe Member

    Thankyou for your reply ^_^.
    lol. My issues are usually very strange (and often unprecedented) as karma would have it.

    For some reason when I put my sim card into the new 'used' phone, I was able to sign in with Google and get past the first screen. I then called Tmobile to ask for an unlock code (I thought unlocking and rooting were dependent on the other at the time). I also told Tmobile I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to be charged for data usage.
    Within the 1/2 hour, my phone couldn't log onto the net any longer. I have no idea how I was able to use 3g to begin with, as I didn't even have t-zones on the sim card (only simple grandfathered myfaves plan bits).

    I'm worried if I take out my sim card and try it again from the beginning I won't be able to get past the google screen now to use the phone again without net service, leaving me stuck at the 1st screen (they have my imei code now; not sure if that enables them to keep me out until I pay for data).
    Figured I should err on the side of caution (being a complete novice to Androidian ways).

    Am I being too careful or should the phone at least allow me to sign in with google, even without data?

    Also, I'm back at square one regarding adding .apk's without internet. I don't run windows or virtualbox, so am not sure how it can be done :(
  4. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    Well, one step at a time with apks. You should be safe pulling out your SIM card and getting attached to wifi, give that a shot.
  5. PurpleZoe

    PurpleZoe Member

    Quite illuminating. Thankyou ^_^

    I tried first removing then reinserting the card before rebooting.
    Didn't change much, so I powered down and removed the card altogether before rebooting.
    This time there was no 'Update your subscription to access this feature' type-message when I attempted to web-browse, which tells me tmobile can't block me if my card isn't in the phone.
    I was too hasty giving them my information... They insisted I had to purchase a data plan or I couldn't use wifi (unless the phone was rooted).

    I will have to test this at the wifi hotspot down the street when they open, and report back (my wifi router is still in the mail...)
    If it works I can at least, I hope, download from slideme.org or similar. Fingers crossed they have telnet or Linda's file manager.

    Thankyou again, Your Techness.
  6. PurpleZoe

    PurpleZoe Member

    I've gone to the most powerful wi-fi hotspot I know, and while the phone picked up and connected to the wifi spot with no sim card in it, Tmobile has still managed to somehow lock my browser. The pages refuse to load, even with the phone describing the signal as 'excellent'. I don't get the error message prompting me to add data to my subscription with the sim card removed, but it won't let me through the gate to any websites.

    I've been advised I can use an installer to install packages I drag and drop to the sd card, which is good news if its true, because my phone has package-installer loaded onto it (hopefully functional, and the one I would need for that sort of operation...).
    Do you find this to be true, or am I in a position where I have no choice but to get the data plan for a day, root the phone and then cancel the data plan (I've seen this suggestion in my search for solutions)? I'd love to avoid that route, if possible, and will do the extra work to avoid it.

    Any suggestions?
    I apologize if I'm jumping ahead of myself.

    I seem to be running 1.6
    ...if only I were running RC29. *sigh*
    I imagine this wifi issue would be a non-issue in that case.
  7. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

  8. PurpleZoe

    PurpleZoe Member

    Thankyou Swizz. I am looking over your guide now. I will have to study this veddy carefully before I attempt anything. I appreciate you taking the time to offer suggestions and extend the RC29 link ^_^

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