How can I back up and reinstall games on my Nexus 7

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  1. Esha77

    Esha77 Member

    :confused: Hi there fellow Android users,

    I've not long bought a Nexus 7 android (which incidentally I love) and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to back up my downloaded games from the Nexus onto my computer with a view to reinstalling them at a later date back onto my Nexus without having to download them again off the internet (I only have wifi, so it costs me quite a lot of my usage to download games, so would be great to save them) If it can be done, I'm assuming I would need an App on my Nexus to be able to accomplish this, and would like to know the best app to get that would do this. I would also like fairly detailed instructions on how to backup, and how to then reinstall onto my Nexus, as I have never done anything like this before. Thank you in advance.

    Incidentally I don't wont to go down the rooting road and void my warranty.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off i am moving this thread into the Android Games forum since this thread is pretty general games thread.

    Anyhow, i would suggest to look into DataSync, you can sync things like saved games and such to your computer or another device and save them there to be reloaded.
  3. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

  4. Esha77

    Esha77 Member

    Thanks for that but I really just wanted something very basic indeed that would allow me to save apk game files to my computer (no internet involved at all because I don't have a very reliable connection very often) and drag and drop then back into where ever they go on the android, and then I would like to know how to re-install them back onto the android, so about as simplistic as you can get. Can you help with this please?
  5. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    es file explorer will allow for you to do that.

    1. You back up the file and it saves it on your device in a folder called backup.
    2. then plug your device to your computer.
    3. from there you open up the device. Like you would do a usb key.
    4. Then you find the file in the backup folder and drag your file to your computer.

    To reinstall
    1. you just plug your device to your computer.
    2. open it like a usb key. drag the apk onto the device from you computer.
    3. unplug the device (safety remove hardware) from the computer.
    4. open up es file explorer and find the file and re-install.
  6. Daroth

    Daroth Member

    I think you should use Titanium Back Up. You can use them to back up and restore quickly after phone problem or firmware upgrading. I use it now and it works well :)
  7. Daroth

    Daroth Member

    Adding things I forget to mention. Rooting doesn't mean you will void your warranty. You can find more information on XDA forum.
  8. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    You have to Root to use Titanium Back Up. That is my only issue.
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  9. Esha77

    Esha77 Member

    Many thanks!! I did this and YEA! it works. Just what I needed. Just a quick question though, I don't seem to be able to backup up the games I have bought, only the FREE ones, is this because it's not possible for whatever reason, or simply not allowed? If you know a way round this (if its legal of course) would love to know. Don't want to root my tablet though.
  10. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    Just depends on the game. Some game allow it and some don't. If you bought them then they will be in your Google play or amazon app store account. You can download them an unlimited amount of times, without re-buying them.

    Retrieving previously purchased applications - Google Play Help

    However the only way to back them up would be to root your device and use Titanium Back up.

    Glad it worked. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

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