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  1. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect New Member

    Hi Folks,
    Just got a Galaxy Ace 2 for Christmas, so still trying to get used to all its features and facilities.
    I noticed that if I go to the email app and touch the "add recipient" I get a choice of "Contacts, Recent, Groups or Favourites".
    Now they are all empty except "recent" which lists every email address I've received mail from or sent mail to, since Christmas.
    So how can I clear this list please?
    I've tried the usual buttons but the only choices seem to be add it to the address or cancel?
    Any help much appreciated.

  2. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect New Member

    Any Android experts out there who know how to do this please?
    Or does anybody know where the email files are stored in the OS, so I can open it in KIES and delete them?
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    You can explore both of the main storage areas, even in the "my files" app:

    /sdcard = internal storage
    /sdcard/external_sd/ = External

    Doing it via computer is handier in many ways, of course. I hate kies so don't use it. Perhaps others will chime in about that. ;)
  4. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect New Member

    Hi Frisco,
    Thanks for your interest.
    I've explored all the Android files with the phone connected to my PC but I can't find anything that looks like it might be an e-mail file or cache.
    Any idea what they might be called or which Android folder they might be in?
  5. dorian56

    dorian56 New Member

    I'm not an expert and may be wrong, but I know that emails you see are on the mail server provider, not in your phone. I don't understand why that bother you. So, stop looking for them in your files :)
  6. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect New Member

    Hi Dorian,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Maybe I didn't make it clear in my first post but I'm not looking for emails.
    I know the emails are on my Yahoo server, I can read them and delete them.
    But I have a folder called "recent" which is not an email folder it's an address folder in my email "contacts" and it contains a list of all the email addresses I have ever received an email from since having the phone.
    There is no such "recent" folder on my server, hence the reason for me supposing it might be on my phone.
    I'll see if I can post a screen shot.

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