How can I close tabs/sites opened on Thrive?General

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  1. AnnLetters

    AnnLetters Member

    Clicking the "X" on a tab / open website doesn't close it on my Thrive. How can I close tabs without turning off the tablet and turning it back on?

    TIA, Ann

  2. Darkseas

    Darkseas Well-Known Member

    Am I correct that you're using the built-in browser?

    If so, I'd try another browser. I'm still experimenting with the alternatives, but I've had a lot of problems with the stock browser.

    You're touching the X on the tab and the tab doesn't close? I thought I had that happen the first time I used the stock browser -- except that I had accidentally opened a slew of Google search tabs, and they were closing. It just took a while to get enough closed so there were few enough tabs that I could see the end of them and watch the tabs I was closing drop off.

    To close the browser, close all the tabs but the last one (you have to have one tab), then use the back button to close the browser itself.

    Never any need to reboot the tablet. If you have an app that won't close, go to

    Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Application that's not closing>select "Force Close"
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  3. AnnLetters

    AnnLetters Member

    Yes, you understood me correctly :). I'll try both of your suggestions. Thinking of downloading Skyfire or Dolphin.

    Your answer is much appreciated.

  4. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    I've been using Dolphin for Pad (Beta.) Its available on the Market and I like it. It actually has an exit button and options to clear cache and history on exit.

  5. tsh332

    tsh332 New Member

    I didn't have any problem with the Thrive's default browser closing tabs but I did find that it didn't handle multiple window panes within a web page very well. I downloaded five different browsers (firefox, Opera, Chrome, Dolphin HD, and Spitfire??). I especially liked Opera and Dolphin HD over the default browser.

    Opera was the only one that solved my window pane issue but other than this one issue, I preferred Dolphin HD over all of them. Dolphin has a TON of useful plugins and addins and works very well. Try one of these. I keep all of them installed as they don't take up that much memory and different browsers seem to handle different websites better than others sometimes.
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  6. billz iams

    billz iams New Member

    Is this the same as my problem? Using the native browser - I do not have "X" to try and close pages. "Thrive" keeps a stack of "web" pages on access at one of the BEZZEL buttons. This list of pages is limited to about 10, and the OS will not fetch more when the list is full. How does one remove a page from the list?

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