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How can I create wifi hotspots on my 2.1 phone (Galaxy Portal)?Support

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  1. hoppipolla

    hoppipolla Member

    My gf's HTC phone is on 2.2 and can create wifi hotspots which would be SO useful for me to be able to do on my phone too! Sadly my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Portal) never updated to 2.2.1 like her's and is only on 2.1 update 1, which doesn't seem to have that feature.

    Is there an app I can use to make wifi hotspots on 2.1? Or is there a good version of 2.2 for the Portal?

    Thanks guys!

    Mike :)

  2. swan76

    swan76 New Member

    not sure i have the same and it will allow me to search other wifi hotspots will it not you?
  3. hoppipolla

    hoppipolla Member

    No I mean CREATING a hotspot with the phone (basically allows you to use your phone as a wireless router through your mobile's data connection). VERY useful! :)
  4. hoppipolla

    hoppipolla Member

    For anyone who might want to learn from this in future, I think you either need to root it with a method like this:

    Root Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 With LeshaK’s Kernel

    and then install a program like "wireless tether" or "Barnacle Wifi Tether" off the market, or just update the firmware to 2.2 or something:

    Android 2.2.3 Froyo (Mod+X => SpicagenMod BETA5) ? Samsung GALAXY SPICA I5700 | SUCKUP.de

    I dunno if you need to root it first o_O

    I also don't know if you have to root it before updating the firmware... probs not but I dunno!

    I'll decide on something then do it lol


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