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  1. WiZoRZ

    WiZoRZ Well-Known Member

    I want to disable microsoft exchange, it's making my contact list awful.. I mean, it ruins it totaly for me.

    How do I disable this?

  2. tnedator

    tnedator Well-Known Member

    Do you still want to get email from your Exchange server? If so, then go to Setting >> Accounts and Sync and then click on the Exchange account. Then you can change what's sync'd with your exchange server. Uncheck contacts, calendar or anything you don't want sync'd.
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  3. WiZoRZ

    WiZoRZ Well-Known Member

    I when into the email things, and unchecked everything but it seems that everything is saved now. If I delete every contacts 1 by 1 it won't come back right? I know there is an option to hide contact but I still get issues.

    For exemple in groups, I've deleted what i could and there is the unassigned tab group where i have 439 contacts that i want to get rid
  4. WiZoRZ

    WiZoRZ Well-Known Member

    Any body knows how to erase them?
  5. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Well-Known Member

    Could change your settings to only show contacts from certain places.

    Hit the settings button in contacts, select "Contacts to Display" and then customized list. Or just gmail what ever works for you.

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