How can I find the SD card on LG Optimus me P350?Support

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  1. amema

    amema New Member

    I bought a 16 GB SD-card for my LG Optimus me P350. There was a game, that I tried to buy (it was jus one dollor, but there was allways a problem with paying), so I found another version of that on the internet and downloaded to my PC and copied it to my Phone's SD card. But now I can not find my SD-Card on the phone to install the game. How can I find it?
    Thank in advance for any kind of help.:eek:

  2. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    Try downloading an app called "ES file explorer" of the market, it's free and it does what you want.
  3. Skyfury

    Skyfury New Member

    Or try thinkfree office i got it pre-installed

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