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    Any ideas why my Samsung Galaxy Spica doesn't play MP4 videos. I've downloaded an MP4 onto my SD card. It turns up in the 'Video Player' widget/app. When I go to play it I'm met with

    "Sorry, this video cannot be played"

    All the blurb says that MP4s are supposed to be OK.

    Strangly I earlier put an AVI video onto the same SD card. I can play this AVI video fine in the same 'Video Player widget/app.

    In passing, getting the New PC Studio to connect with the phone itself was an adventure. I can access the SD card but not the phone/SIM card per say. I learnt that when I put in the USB stick into my phone with the New PC Studio already up and running then I had to go back to the phone and drag down the USB icon from the top and choose 'mount'. Still haven't managed to get my contacts on in this way but I believe I may have to 'open' the phone or put it into debug mode but that's another day.

    Anyhow does anyone know how I can get MP4 to play on my Samsung Galaxy.


  2. Beerkan

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  3. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    You want NPS to see your i5700 apart from the SD card?

    From Home Screen
    USB Debugging

    Set this to [x]

    No go back to NPS

    Blame Samsung for crappy software.
  4. monnigblower

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    It a great package for watching video with far more tasty preferences which I can see while playing my AVI file. On the other hand the MP4 still is met with "Sorry this video cannot be played." The app does see that this is an MP4 but gives out then when I choose it.

    Thanks again though. Like many things with this phone it points me in the right direction and opens up new avenues.
  5. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    When I want to ensure I can watch a video, regardless of original format,
    I use Free Video Converter ( see here Koyote Soft )

    It can convert AVI, Mp4, iPod, PSP, 3GP, Zune, iPhone, MKV, WMV, ASF, MOV, QuickTime, MPEG, MPG2, RM, VCD, VOB, AVCHD MTS, M2TS

    And amazingly it's free.. (You can buy Pro version for greater control)

    Settings that play back on Galaxy Lite are.

    Output Format: MP4
    Codec: MPEG-4
    Size: 480x320
    Aspect: 3:2
    FPS: 23.976
    BitRate: 1440
    Include Audio Track [x]
    Code: AAC
    Frequency: 44100
    Channel: 2
    BitRate: 128

    Drop the BitRates if the source video is less than those above
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  6. monnigblower

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    Thanks again for that. I'll try it out when I get time. Previously I used to the 'Next Video Converter' but that doesn't seem to cut the mustard.

    I clicked the debug option and now see the GT5700 in the NPS. When I click the phone with great enthusiasm I'm met with 'This devcice does not support file transfer' and as you can imagine enthusiasm ebbs. What can I do with the debug option if connect to the NPS over USB? At the mo I wasn't planned on writing any apps just yet wouldn't mind being able to turn off the 'beep' that I hear when I plug in and out the power cable. I've turned down the notification but amn't sure if I can't hear texts now.

    Cheers again for the clear info. It was a joy to read something so clear. Time for sleep.

  7. Beerkan

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    It's a pain in the R's to sort them all out, but at the same time, easy.

    Most apps use the default Ringtone, and Ringer volume based on the settings from

    Home Screen
    Sound & Display
    Ringer Volume,
    Media Volume
    Notification Ringtone
    Notification Volume
    etc etc..

    Funny thing is, I usually set them all to silent.

    What I then need to do is in the relevant app set the ringtone and volume to my own desire.

    For example
    Default Notification Ringtone = Silent.

    Now I don't get sounds when I attach USB, or other sounds.


    When I want to hear SMS/GTalk/MMS sounds, I go into each app and set the relevant Ringtone and Volume.

    Right pain in the R's.. but I guess that's the price of freedom of customisation.
  8. monnigblower

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    Yes, works a dream. Now I can plug in the charger and there is no noise. I chose the default notification tone as 'Silent', consequently was able to leave the notification volume at something reasonable and chose a nice tone for my SMS messages.

    Secondly wrt my AVI movies (still haven't got around to testing out the MP4s) how can 'fastforward' onto another section of the movie, say 24:19 into the movie? I move the bar along the bottom wrt time but the movie just freezes. I can unpause and pause the movie but nothing happens. If I turn mVideoPlay off and on and make it back to my movie then all I see is a black screen but for what it is worth at the correct time. A Paused appears or disappears on the top if I press the screen but that's about it.

    All I can do with a bit of hockeypockery is restart the movie :-(

  9. monnigblower

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    The solution was to use the original 1GB supplied Samsung MicroSD card rather than the 16 GB card I bought on ebay.
  10. devast

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    You run into the same scam as i did. That card is not a 16gb card, but a 1 or 2gb one faked to look like a 16gb. Tough luck :(
  11. littlephoenix

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    i have tried everything, nothign seems to work, the reading i have done so far is that only galaxy II will play mp4 files. grrrrrrrr looks like i might have to sell my Galaxy s and get the new 4G one
  12. Sade0221

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    I'm having the same problem only with the samsung galaxy player 5.0 I can't play movies getting frustrated might return it back to the store. My message is open file unable to find application to perform this action and I downloaded what the samsung tech told me to the android movie player but it still won't work any suggestions anyone.
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    The Samsung Galaxy Spica also known as Samsung GT-I5700 and Samsung Galaxy Lite is powered by an 800MHz CPU, and features a 3.2-inch HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) TFT display, a 3 mega-pixel camera, and 180Mb of internal memory with microSDHC card support. Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Spica i5700 is getting an official upgrade to Android 2.1
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