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  1. Ghost10bxl

    Ghost10bxl Well-Known Member

    I sent my S3 for a repair got it back today but how do i get my pictures back, i backed up my phone with Google Account. It would be nice if i get them back just like they were

    BTW I have uploaded those pictures on DropBox anyway to get it from there?

  2. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    If they are on your Dropbox account then yes you can get them. There are many different ways to put them back on your phone. If you have a lot of them I would connect to a pc and drag them over that way. If it's just a few, then you can open them in Dropbox and select export and put them in your gallery.

  3. Toosploos

    Toosploos Well-Known Member

    I was actually playing around with syncing pictures with my google account today. What this function seems to do, is only sync the profile pictures of your contacts to your picassa and google+. It does not sync your camera pictures to a cloud. Apparently there is a way to sync all of that too, but you need to use the google+ app. As I got annoyed with th privacy settings there and the lack of storage space, I just set up a cloud service too.

    Anyway. rborelli is right. If you where smart enough to back up your pics with dropbox, you can log in on and retrieve everything from there.
  4. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    Dropbox also has a nice feature that automatically uploads the photos you take on your phone, so you don't have to worry about them.

  5. Ghost10bxl

    Ghost10bxl Well-Known Member

    But when I put pictures from dropbox to my phone they are all in one place e.g. Screenshots, camera photos, whatsapp and other apps. How can I get them back into folders just like they were?
  6. Toosploos

    Toosploos Well-Known Member

    Think you are going to have to do that manually - but depending on how many pics you go that might be a bitch. Take a screenshot, send a photo with whatsapp, taka a camera pic and then use a file explorer to see what folders these new pics are in. You can then move the old pics into said folders.

    If you use solid explorer - a great new file manager - you can take advantage of the split screen in landscape mode while moving batches. Will save you a lot of time:

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