how can i get my wifi to work on my android it connects but nothing loads.Support

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  1. babicakez420

    babicakez420 New Member

    i am so confused and fed up hopefully someone can help,okay so i have a android from verizon i shut verizon off which means i no longer can use their 3g. so i figured why not just use wifi, i have a router and modem in my bedroom along with a xbox and laptop. the laptop works just fine and so does xbox live, but when it comes to trying to use wifi on my droid it seems to work when it wants to, as in it will connect and obtain my ip address and it will connect but half of the time it wont load any of my web pages or apps. Then it will randomly work but when it does its not for long. Ive been thinking its my modem cus ive had it since 2005. im not sure if its the router cus its a pretty nice route:its gamer lounge and it isnt as old as the modem is. ive had cox cable come out to my house twice in one week and they INSIST its not their modem but of course they wont blame themselves for it. what do i do and how can i prove that its the modem, if it is even that?

  2. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    Provide your router settings and I'll see if something pops out. Remember, the Droid will not work "N" - it only works "G" and gets flaky on some N-routers running on G/N.
  3. laloush

    laloush New Member

    i have the same problem except that its not old and every time i try to open anything it never works.... plus i rebooted my phone and it still doesn't work, aghghghg!!! i am really fed up with it, any of you have an idea of how i can get it to work? and i don't get how i can reach to G or N or whatever... plz help?!?

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