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How can I import Windows addressbook to Android device contacts?

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  1. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    I am trying to help my mother in law set up her new tablet. we need to get the Windows addressbook imported to her device. I created a CSV file for the addressbook. I managed to get it on to the android device as a file, but I can't figure out how to import it into the contacts.

    it's a Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet
    Android 4.0.4

    desktop is Windows 7.

    i read something about importing to gmail first and then syncing. but she is not using gmail. I did set up a google/gmail account for her just so she could buy apps but she's not using the email. and I think it would confuse her to have two email accounts.

    so ideally I could just figure out how to import this CSV file into the Android Contacts.

    any help? please?!? thanks

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    She can use Android contacts (aka Google or Gmail contacts) without using Gmail. The contacts app on the tablet works for all contacts and all accounts.

    Easiest way do what you want: Log into her Gmail account on a PC, import the CSV file to her Gmail contacts, sync contacts to the tablet - done.

    Linux user #266351. Android since v1.0
  3. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    thanks, but how do I do the last step, without getting the tablet logged on to gmail?

    I get into the Contacts.... how do I get all those addresses I just put on gmail to show up on the device?

    ----on edit---
    i think i found it in the device settings. althought there's a note at the bottom "sync is currently experiencing problems. it will be back shortly" i'll try in a few minutes. thanks!
  4. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    You do have to log the tablet into her Gmail account to sync the contacts to the tablet. They will automatically download to the tablet (unless sync is turned off - it's on by default). You don't have to use Gmail to use the contacts or send/receive mail. The contacts will work with any account or email client you choose to use.

    Linux user #266351. Android since v1.0
  5. alicemenezes

    alicemenezes Well-Known Member

    Isn't it possible to do it via bluetooth..??
  6. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    The thing about Gmail is that it serves two purposes on Android.

    1. The obvious use, is an email address. Use of this is completely optional. No one needs to send email from it, or use it to receive email either.

    2. It also functions as a person's log in credential. So like you said OP, any apps purchased are tied to that particular Gmail account. As a log in, it goes deeper than that. The calendar is tied to it, the contacts that will be imported will be linked to it, Google Talk is tied to it, and so on. This way, if the tablet is ever replaced, you log in using the same gmail and password, and all those other things just mentioned shoot back onto it, so they aren't lost.

    Make sense?
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  7. rankedapps

    rankedapps New Member

    You should be able to use Kies since you're on a samsung

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