how can i install games on my streak 5 ??Tips

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  1. sinthrax

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    Jun 19, 2012
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    hi can anyone help me, i have problem installing games with my dell streak 5. can any one help me pls..

    i download apk. games on my pc then i put it on my sd card. and it did not appear??.. but the mp3,pictures,and videos are there..

    can any one pls help me step by step on how to play games with my streak..

    thank's in advance for the help'

    sorry for my bad english :)

  2. El Presidente

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Welcome to AF! :)

    Unless you're downloading from a reputable source (Google Play/Amazon App store/getjar/direct from the devs etc), I'd be very wary of installing apk files you've downloaded elsewhere on the internet. There are a lot of nefarious sites out there and the apps won't always be what they say they are. Not to mention the potential copyright/legal issues surrounding apps from illegitimate sources.

    Your best bet would be to download the apps from one of the sites I mentioned above. Anywhere else and you can't guarantee it will be what it says it is and if it's a blackmarket site, we wouldn't be able to help you, sorry!

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