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how can I lock my micro sd card?Support

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  1. a.medrano

    a.medrano Member

    can someone please tell me how to lock my micro sd card.
    im afraid of loosing my phone and someone placing my sd card on their computer or phone and going through my pictures and contact list.

  2. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    You can't it. Android coulnd't mount it with a security program on the sd card like data vault or anything like that on jump drives. sorry.
  3. jennyadam

    jennyadam New Member

    You need not get be afraid of your SD card photos loss since there is a recovery software that helps to let one recover the photos from the inaccessible or locked SD card using this recovery software formally known as digital picture recovery. The software is user friendly and provides the recovery of photos from SD, XD as well as other memory card.

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