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how can i make my huawei ascend all around fastSupport

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  1. youngrone

    youngrone Member

    hey im trying to make my huawei ascend fast real fast. wat app would i need for that?

  2. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    buy a new phone :p
  3. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    Wait, you mean I can't take the rat's hind legs off, glue on some rabbit legs and have a rice rocket?

  4. FulciLives

    FulciLives Well-Known Member

    Tie a stick to the head of the rat and dangle a small piece of cheese off of it so it is just in front of his face. That should speed the lil bugger up!

    Wait ... what the hell are we talking about?
  5. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I never thought about the obvious approach.....

    Wait, was there a discussion? I thought I was MPD!! Oh Lord, I'm more messed up than I thought I was.....
  6. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    @youngrone, sorry seems that we kinda gave you a ribbin...

    Anyways there is probably not an app that will(out of the box) improve your phone. You might need to root your phone and possibly use the app SetCPU to overclock(OC) the phone You will need to look up all the details as I have an Optimus M. I don't know if you need to run a special kernel like the Optimus, or if you can simply root the phone and then OC it.

    Another thing once you root it you can remove some of the bloatware, again refer to the Ascend's forum on what is safe to remove/uninstall.
  7. bbfugitive

    bbfugitive Well-Known Member

    I manage a few Optimus and Huawei andorid Metro PCS devices. Get z4root off google and use the permanent root option. Then download swapper from market and let it created a swap file on the sd chip. Just take the defaults and make sure to allow superuser access when it asks and let it run at boot. Finally, install setCPU from market and bump up the minimum cpu from 128xxx to 320xxx or so.

    That's all I can find so far that has helped - the stock kernel cant be overclocked. This phone doesnt seem to have a GPU so it will never be fast like the Optimus M. In a few weeks we should be getting froyo which should help some as well.

    Well I spoke to soon - Haven't been in the Ascend forums for 2 days and my information is stale. No wonder I'm so stressed out all the time trying to keep up. To be fair (to me) I was busy flashing the system, image, and kernel on my Optimus and enjoying some damn good benchmarks. However, some changes just appeared on the horizon for Huawei Ascend. Check the all things root subforum at the top!!


    When this thing goes I have 3 more ascends to pimp - geez can't wait. LOL
  8. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

  9. See 3-D

    See 3-D Active Member

    Welcome to the conversation & community of Ascend users and don't forget, reading is your friend :)

    There are quite a few posts and topics around here about the various ways to get more performance out of the phone. Like most people said, you will need to "root" the phone which gives you full admin rights so you can delete the bloatware (pre-installed demo & junk apps) that are always running in the background.

    Aside from that, there are no Android upgrades at this point although Huawei is working on an official 2.2 update & the homebrew community is working on custom roms of 2.2 (which according to rumor should be released shortly).
  10. UOFLcards

    UOFLcards Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I'm a noob when it comes to Androids. This is my first one and have only had it just 2 days. But, will I need to root in order to be able to recieve the 2.2 update and/or the custom roms of 2.2?
  11. See 3-D

    See 3-D Active Member

    No worries. At this point, there is some speculation of whether or not rooting the phone won't allow the official Huawei update which is done over the air (OTA) under Settings, which isn't a big deal since if it does, you can easily restore the phone back to the original stock 2.1 and upgrade from there.

    Custom roms will require a rooted phone once they come out.

    In the end, rooting sounds like a big deal, but it's just like Jailbreaking - I've done it a few times on my iPod Touch. All you have to do is look up a program called Z4Root on Google which isn't too hard to find.
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  12. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    You don't need to root to receive the official 2.2 update, but to be able to get rid of the junk apps as well as use special tweaking apps, you will need to grant yourself administrative rights to the phone hence by rooting.
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  13. UOFLcards

    UOFLcards Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. Nice chatting with you again NY. :)

    I will indeed be "rooting" but, just not at the moment. Want to be completely comfortable before doing it.
  14. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Hi Youngrone and welcome to the Forum! :)

    There is nothing you can do to make this phone "fast real fast". Not even the 2.2 firmware upgrade (coming sometime) will do that. However, there ARE some things you can do to IMPROVE your performance and overall enjoyment of the phone you have.

    To begin with perform routine (daily) maintenance on your phone:

    1. Clearing your cache and call and text logs will free up your phone to run more smoothly and efficiently and faster. Details here: http://androidforums.com/huawei-ascend/254110-clear-your-cache.html

    2. Download a free Launcher from the Market. I recommend LauncherPro and play around with it to give your phone a totally new look and also smoother performance.

    3. At night when your phone is on the charger, turn it off. This will rest the internal modem and it will be fresh when you turn it on.

    4. Check to see what processes are running in the background by going to >settings >applications>running processes. Don't have wifi turned on if you aren't using it. Disable the processes you are not using but be careful not to disable something you need. Example: Photobucket runs in the background all the time. While in 'running processes' you can touch it to stop it.

    5. Widgets slow your phone's performance down. If you want speed, disable any widgets you have running.

    When and if you should decide to root your phone here is an easy to follow step by step guide:


    Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. For most of us this is our first Android. We learned most everything we know right here.

    I hope this helps ...
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  15. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    Of course of course, and not a problem, feel free to get a hold of me anytime.
  16. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    This is my first Android phone/smartphone, and as far as rooting in itself is concerned, it's literally a process of downloading z4root, loading it on your SD card, and performing a few clicks. The phone reboots, and you're rooted.

    Far easier than when I first softmodded my Nintendo Wii.
  17. UOFLcards

    UOFLcards Well-Known Member

    Just want to be comfortable before I jump into something. Know what I'm saying. :)
  18. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    I completely understand. I'm always afraid I'm going to brick a device when I root/mod it, but I've yet to actually do so. I have a Linksys wireless router loaded with DD-WRT, a Wii softmodded and running games off an external HDD, and this phone is the latest thing I've modded. It was such a breeze in comparison.

    FYI, z4root has 2 options: Permanent Root (which you can undo by running z4root again and selecting Unroot), and Temporary Root (which goes away when you reboot the phone), so if you wanted to try it on a test basis, Temporary would be an option.
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  19. youngrone

    youngrone Member

    thank you jazziette my phn is workin aolt better nw im new with this phn and i dnt kno to much about it. if its okay with you if i have any more problems ill let you kno.
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  20. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    You are very welcome Youngrone! Please feel free to ask any questions or to PM me if you want. I'm more than happy to help...if I know the answer. And if I don't...there is always someone around here who does.

    So nice to have you here with us! Enjoy your phone!!! :)
  21. reggjoo

    reggjoo Well-Known Member

    This is my first post to this thread, My cell is rooted, I have Titanium Backup, Superuser, JuiceDefender, and CPU Tuner. MY Launcher is Go Launcher, and I have AutoKiller Memory Optimser running. Is this a first "good setup" , any suggestion's on setup, or better(stable) programs?
  22. reggjoo

    reggjoo Well-Known Member

    Uno, and Midnight Bowling vanquished, installed handcent, and most of it's font packs, and using anysoft keyboard(without swype, uninstalled, and predictive text off, I hate those features), but I still need to configure for powersaving.
  23. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Well-Known Member

    What are roms???
  24. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    If you know which apps are safe to delete, I would recommend deleting them rather than freezing them...as freezing them won't free up the sapce
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  25. reggjoo

    reggjoo Well-Known Member

    I'm new to android, but have experience in many windows configurations, so I was wondering why bloatware apps like UNO, and Midnight Bowling, have to be reinstalled?
    Would the 2.2 update install better without these apps? These apps have no significance.
    Can't the update come from the manufactuer, and bypass the carrier?

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